Why I Like Dogs

As a young child, I didn’t enjoy the company of dogs. They scared me, especially when they barked a lot or growled. A few years ago, my cousins got a puppy of their own, and I started to like dogs. Currently, dogs are my favorite animal. This webpage will be about some of my favorite breeds of dogs.

Australian Shepherds

Australian Shepherds are my favorite breeds of dogs. I like Australian Shepherds (also known as Aussies) because they are intelligent and loyal, and also because they have beautiful coats of fur. Australian Shepherds, unlike what their names state, dif not develop in Australia, but they were bred originally on ranches in America in the 19th century.


Labrador Retrievers are medium-large dogs that are extremely popular around the world. They usually have black, white, or brown fur and they have great senses, as they were usually hunting retrieving dogs. Labradors, or Labs, are also usually the best choice for a guide dog, and they are great swimmers as well. Labs were originally bred as hunting dogs.


Corgis are dogs who are famous for their long bodies with their short legs. Corgis were originally bred so that hunters could reach prey that resided in tunnels. Corgis were also bred as basic herding dogs. A corgi’s fur coat usually consists of neutral colors, such as white, cream, burnt orange, and dark brown.


Pomeranians, unlike the first three herding breeds, are dogs that don’t take up much space and are usually happy living in a small apartment. Many people here in Korea own pomeranians or other small dogs. Pomeranians usually have very fluffy and poofy fur. They are known for being notoriously cute.

Golden Retrievers

Golden Retrievers are very common family dogs. They have beautiful golden coats and are medium-large dogs. Like the Labs, they are retrievers, so they like to play fetch. Golden Retrievers love water and swimming, and they are quick to learn tricks.